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In Memoriam


The al-Aqsa Intifada was the second Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation. 2002 was its bloodiest year. In retaliation to suicide bombings and attacks, Israel decided to build the Separation Wall. Built beyond the Green Line and cutting deep into the West Bank it causes hardship to many and isolates Palestinians who are effectively trapped between Israel and West Bank. In 2002, 1035 Palestinians and 438 Israelis lost their lives. And over the course of the year, most West Bank towns and villages saw repeated incursions and curfews.

The city of Nablus was targeted especially harshly. Israeli military forces carried out nightly raids and countless surgical as well as three major operations making normal life impossible. Hundreds of people died and countless buildings were destroyed without absolute military necessity. In April, Israeli military forces carried out an 18-day air and ground bombardment of Nablus, primarily in the Old City. During this first invasion hundreds of civilian structures in the Old City of Nablus were damaged or destroyed. In subsequent invasions, residents were placed under 24-hour curfew for more than 100 consecutive days. The scars of the incursions were visible all over the city, which is dotted with memorials to those who had lost their lives throughout the al-Aqsa intifada.