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Child Domestic Workers in Nepal


Domestic service is possibly one of the most dangerous forms of child labour because working in private households renders the children are almost invisible and susceptible to abuse. It’s one of the most common forms of child employment. Children working as maids, child-minders, garden boys, and general house-helps are a familiar sight in Nepal. They often work in households, which are not related to their own. Many are left under the control of adults whose first concern is not their wellbeing, but their contribution to the household. The love and care all children ought to receive cannot be guaranteed. Such children are likely to be denied the chance of going to school. And if they’re overworked, neglected or abused, they have no one to turn to and may feel isolated and trapped. EveryChild works with local partners to help improve the lives of child domestic workers. They aim to enable children to leave domestic work and return to their families as well as preventing many from leaving their rural homes for work.